Frequently Asked Questions

What is Live Scan fingerprinting?

Live Scan is inkless electronic fingerprinting. Once your fingerprints are taken, they can be
electronically submitted to the agency requesting the background check.
What areas do you service?

We come to you anywhere in the Las Vegas area, including Henderson and North Las Vegas. For additional fees with time and travel expenses, we will also travel anywhere inside or outside Nevada.
Where do my fingerprints go?

Your fingerprints are electronically submitted to the appropriate agency for completion of your State and Federal background check.
How long will it take?

The process takes approximately 10-15 minutes per applicant.
What is the cost to be fingerprinted and what forms of payment do you accept?

Please contact us for adult fingerprinting pricing. Additional state and federal
processing fees will apply for electronic submissions. ELFS does not control these fees.

We accept cash, checks, money orders, and major credit cards (additional fee may apply).


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